Organized Workers Taking It to the 1%

In yesterday’s NYT there was a good article entitled “In a Strong Economy, Why Are So Many Workers on Strike?” It reported that from Chicago teachers, to GM workers, to Marriot International Hotel employees, labor is taking it to the capitalists through collective action. Even flight attendants and airplane mechanics are finding creative ways of sabotage (which they unconvincingly deny) due to the fact that they cannot legally strike without federal approval. It’s as D. Taylor, president of the UNITE HERE hospitality workers union, is quoted in the story saying:

“It’s about: ‘OK, the government is not going in to take care of us. Business is not going to take care of us. We’ve got to take care of ourselves.”

Why? The American worker took cuts to their pay and benefits in the wake of the Great Recession ten-years ago, but now their capitalist masters are making billions and billions while the proletariat is getting shafted. Due to the austerity measures they pitched in with during the 2007-2008 economic crisis which remain in place, they are not getting anything back as their wages remain stagnant in comparison to the ridiculous amounts of profits gained by Wall St.
It’s as D. Taylor is further quoted stating:

“It’s been bubbling up for some time. Now it’s come up to the surface.”

The American worker needs to keep up the fight against their rich masters with strikes and sabotage. Organized labor, from Marx and Engels to the Russian Soviets, is an essential force with which to gain leverage over the bourgeoisie. Remember, the 1% are winning the class war while most of the 99% don’t even recognize that it’s taking place.

UAE Human Rights Abuses of Migrant Workers

0329OPEDstolle-SUB02-articleLargeIn Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE where lavish tourism sites are being constructed, the work is being done by migrant Indian and Pakistani workers who are being abused.

They are  locked into the kafala system (a form of indentured servitude) working for small wages and becoming trapped in the UAE for their visas expire due to long working stints. And this system is not exclusive to the UAE but the Gulf States in general.

Reading this op-ed in the NYT is important to be informed of this human rights violating system.

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Cumulative Effects of Tear Party Politics

PHO-11Feb26-293744A very good article in the Washington Post on how Tea Party politics on the state level has hurt workers’ rights.

The offensive to undercut workers’ rights are not as well-covered in the media as, say, the Tea Party’s assault on womens’ rights and voting rights, until now.

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Stagnation in Workers’ Wages is Bad Capitalism

A great, must-read NYT op-ed by Hendrick Smith. Hendrick explains how falling wages and benefits since the late 1970’s has destroyed middle class buying-power which perpetuates a sluggish economy.

This point is one of the strongest arguments against unfettered capitalism in this day and age.

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