A Third Intifada?

21kidnap1-videoSixteenByNine600-v2Judging by reports, a third intifada could become a reality in Israel/Palestine if something does not break in the search for the three missing Israeli teenagers in the West Bank. Four Palestinians, one of them 15, have already been killed by Israeli troops and 340 have been arrested by their forces in an operation called Brother’s Keeper.

The photos of the Palestinian deceased have been hoisted at mass funerals for they are seen as martyrs in the liberation struggle.

Emotions are being ramped up more and more every day according to this NYT piece.



Israel Playing The Victim

16ISRAEL-master675According to a NYT report today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is blaming the new joint Palestinian Authority for the disappearance/kidnapping of three missing Israeli teenagers from West Bank settlements in public statements today made to the International community. He is placing blame more specifically on Hamas, who just reconciled with the West-Bank base Fatah party to form the new joint P.A., but he said that P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas is directly responsible.

So what does Israel do but completely overreact with extreme acts of violence even though there is no proof that Hamas is behind the kidnapping? The article reports:

Hamas members of Parliament, former ministers, imams and professors were among those arrested in the night raids in Nablus, Jenin, Ramallah and other West Bank cities, villages and refugee camps. Israel also carried out six airstrikes in the Gaza Strip overnight that Palestinian health officials said wounded a 15-year-old girl and a 27-year-old woman, and it closed its commercial and pedestrian crossings into Gaza with exceptions only for fuel deliveries and humanitarian emergencies.

Now if Hamas would be behind these kidnappings it would be a breach of international law and should be treated as such. But as Qadura Fares, the Palestinians’ former minister of prisoner affairs, said, “the kidnapping is the result of the peace-process stalemate,” and the Israeli’s are using the incident to “make political gains.” The frustration with Israel’s planted obstacles to peace has kindled much resentment amongst Palestinians.

But, as usual, Israel is playing the victim here. They played to the international community today with Netanyahu speaking English, to appeal to the West, and spewed their usual apocalyptic predictions of Israel’s destruction at the hands of Muslim extremists.

But do they not now threaten the region the most with their over-use of military power?






$4 Billion to West Bank for Bridging Peace in Israel/West Bank

36302A good article in The Post about a proposition from Sec. of State Kerry pledging a $4 billion stimulus package for the depressed West Bank in an effort to restart the peace process in Israel. Also, the article goes into some good issues also at stake in the stalled talks.

Read Here.

Hunger Strikes Becoming Affective in West Bank

The armed resistance by the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza has yielded few results over the decades, but a break with these tactics may lead to new gains.

The number of hunger-striking prisoners in “administrative detention,” i.e., being held in Israeli prisons with no formal charges, has risen to 1,500 with the remaining 3,200 threatening to join them if they are held in this legal limbo for a further indefinite amount of time. (Read here)

As a supporter of the Palestinian case for human rights, I believe that these nonviolent strategies are the most effective path to their ends. The world responds to peaceful demonstrations much more sympathetically and more quickly than they do when the use of terrorism is employed. And with the development of social media the causes and protests of the Palestinian will spread like wildfire.

I believe nonviolent protests will be the path to peace if the Palestinians choose them as a main strategy.

NY Times Columnist Calls for Israeli Boycott

Though not a call for enough action, a Jewish (just so we can get around the whole “anti-Semitic” accusations), New York Times columnist calls for a boycott of products from the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

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