After “Baby Bonds”: Next Steps Towards The Revolution

Democratic Sen., and Presidential candidate, Cory Booker is proposing a new “Baby Bond” program to help ease the state of inequality in America (read details below). If received well, and though not a true redistribution of wealth, us radical leftists should jump on the opportunity to push it even further.

Pope Attacks Capitalism

a059a28b7As someone who spent 12 years in Catholic schools as a child, and is now an atheist, I usually have no use for the Church. But what struck me today was this article in The Atlantic regarding the recent Pope Francis apostolic exhortation criticizing the inequality created by capitalism around the world along with capitalistic values in general. A fascinating development and article.

Read Here.


Where Did It All Go?

Fed: Americans’ wealth dropped 40 percent – The Washington Post.

The article speaks for itself.  I wonder where all that money went?  Did it just disappear?  Or maybe…it’s here!  “Trickle-down economics”, continuing its failure to the cheers of so many it’s failing!