Wal-Mart Protests

Walmart workers on strikeMany protests occurred at Wal-Mart stores yesterday on Black Friday with protesters demanding “…wages of at least $25,000, more full-time openings and an end to retaliation against workers who speak out about their conditions.”

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Paltry Action to Help Bangladesh

Bangladeshi women protest over pay and working conditions outside a garment factory in Dhaka.17 North American companies are promising millions in a plan to improve working conditions for Bangladeshi garment workers. Problem is that it is a ridiculously small amount of aid that was previously promised by 70, mostly European companies prior.

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Bangladeshi Garment Industry Disasters Continue Without Owner Prosecution

26bangladesh_ss-slide-G7HQ-thumbWideOn April 24, a Bangladeshi garment factory fire in Savar (an industrial suburb of Dhaka) collapsed killing 1,129 people. It was the deadliest disaster in the history of the garment industry. Making clothes for companies like Walmart and Sears, fires and collapses are almost common in Bangladesh and yet owners of these buildings and factories go without being prosecuted. This article in the NYT explains how and why these disasters continue to occur without the elite owners being held responsible for their crimes.

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