Young Voters Not Afraid of Government

SUB-jp-liberals-1-articleLargeA good article in the NYT reports how surveys, studies, and polls are showing that “millenials” (or Americans under 30) think government is not a “boogey man” and that it should play a role in society’s problem-solving processes. It is good to have a young generation that understands that there is a place for Medicare, Social Security, and regulations for Wall St.

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Elgible Voter Disputes Expected in Courts Post-Election

A good article in the NYT explaining how the battles over voter elgibility in battleground states may lead to 2000-like legal battles over who won the Presidential election.

The problem here is conservative efforts to hinder the voting power of poor minorities who vote Democrat. These strong-handed measures are no different than poll taxes and literacy tests of the Jim Crowe era.

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