Propaganda Day…A Day Late…

Greetings Comrades,

Been a crazy week so showing up a day late on adding five new images to the STL Image Gallery. My apologies.

If you like the STL image gallery, and rad-Left memes in general, I’m putting up a ton on the Sparking The Left blog. I’m posting them as often as I find them. It’s turning out really cool and the audience is starting to grow. Make sure to check it out.

Also, STL is now active over at Twitter throughout the week and we need some followers. Please follow us at @LeftSparking.

Lastly, but not least, I wanted to express how lucky we are for all of our female comrades in the trenches with us every day around the world. Throughout history, and today, much has been against you. Yet, you battle on. We could not have greater respect.

Here’s the link to the STL image gallery followed by a little gallery of some of the brave female soldiers of the past fighting for the radical-Leftist cause.

New Twitter Account

unnamedHello and thank you for visiting,

Here at STL we have changed our Twitter account so that both Paul and I can post to the same feed.

You can now find us over at @SparkingTheLeft or you could just hit the “Follow” button on our Twitter window found on the right side of our blog screen.

Hope you will follow!

Thank You Very Much,



U.S. Creates Fake Twitter for Cuban Dissent

Yoani SanchezRead this article from the AP and I’ll show you how out-of-touch Congressmen and Women are wanting to stir-up a revolution in Cuba, even if that is possible from a non-domestic action.

Read Here.


Google, Apple, and More for Internet Privacy

Tech compA good article in The Guardian about a letter issued to Pres. Obama and other political leaders from AOL, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Apple and LinkedIn regarding the halting of the NSA’s bulk collection of personal internet data. The piece covers many interesting points.

Read Here.


Twitter Posts Considered Public

All you activists who read this may need to take heed regarding what you say on Twitter. A New York judge ruled that Twitter posts are public speech and can be subpoenaed by prosecutors.

Read more here.