Let’s Give Them A Push: Americans Already Favor Near Far-Left Policies

As I have mentioned before, I consume a good amount of mainstream news to keep a finger on the pulse of what the American people are learning. And what I have learned is that the American people are much more favorable to far leftist policies than the pundits and “anchors” would have you believe.

Notice these two linked articles below, one from Fortune and one from FOX News:

“Support for raising taxes is widespread, according to a new poll, which found that 76% of registered voters want the wealthiest Americans to pay more.”


“Voters prefer increasing spending on domestic programs over cutting taxes and reducing spending, and their preferred way to finance that spending — is tax the wealthy.”

This is completely contradictory to the picture painted by the entertainers on cable news that is brushed every night. These supposed “news shows” would have you believe that such opinions are too far to the left to be held by the citizens of the United States. But as you can see from the objective measures quoted/linked above, one of the main tenets of the rad left platform is favored: redistribution of wealth through a strong state.

Now notice these two linked articles on healthcare policy in the U.S.:

“Six-in-ten Americans say it is the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have health care coverage, including 31% who support a “single payer” approach to health insurance, according to a new national survey by Pew Research Center.”

“Some 56% of respondents said they favor Medicare-for-all, in which all Americans would get their insurance from a single government plan.”

Universal healthcare is right within our grasp.

As I have put forth in past posts, in Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent”, the news media only allows a spectrum of valid opinions and political stances the rich and powerful deem acceptable. That’s why the news media is center-right. The talking heads dismiss polling results that are too threatening to those in power. They are dismissed by political commentators as “pony promises” if endorsed by a candidate.

Sure, these opinions are not exactly pure Marxist reforms, but it shows that the people could be exposed to far-left ideas not too much further to the left than the ones they already possess. Taxing the rich at a high rate, and Medicare-for-All is not too far from the redistribution of wealth and universal healthcare coverage. There’s an opening there.

In conclusion, polls show that the American people are far further to the left than the news media would have you believe. And this is a function of the breath of the spectrum of acceptable political opinions sanctioned by the rich and powerful. The people are closer to a positive view of the far-left than you would believe. Let’s expose them to it through various forms of organizing and propaganda and let’s see what happens.

Corporations Becoming Transnational

12eutax-master675Large corporations are becoming transnational in that they have no home-base headquarters in one nation in an effort to avoid paying taxes. They pick and choose among countries who have the most advantageous tax laws and set up patents and copyrights there. This is becoming more prevalent among large U.S. companies just when the nation needs revenue more than ever in light of the “Great Recession” of 2008 and an increasingly crumbling infrastructure.

In an article in the NYT, it’s reported that the E.U. will open an investigation into such practices. It focuses on the case of Apple in Ireland where Apple is being accused of getting special treatment by the Irish government to bring business to the island nation. The Union claims that this sort of accused practice is hurting competition amongst other European nations.

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Pay Your Taxes, Corporations!

apple_presentation-620x412I know that the title to this post sounds rather simplistic and goofy, if you will, but that’s what we need to say through our legislative bodies multinational corporations.

Other than human rights abuses, hardly anything gets to me more than the evasion of taxation by  huge corporations, and this problem is only getting bigger.

I found this great article at Salon.com by Dave Johnson from Alternet listing five familiar corporations (Apple, Pfizer Inc., General Electric, Verizon, and Caterpillar) who are using tax laws to defer paying their taxes. They are moving operations overseas to claim that they do not have to pay our taxes here since they are making foreign profits all the while using this money, through certain loopholes, to enrich top officers and stockholders.

The piece by Johnson also explains that many of the same companies were given a “tax holiday” in 2004 with which they promised to use the funds to “create jobs.” But this was the effect:


As the article argues, when Conservatives speak on and on about cutting this program and that, which are essential to American citizens and families, we could be taking in a lot more revenue through fair tax laws. You must read this article and start advocating for new laws which would prove better for the nation as a whole.

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China’s Elite Banks Off-Shore

800px-Flag_of_the_People's_Republic_of_China.svgA good article in The Guardian from Jan. 21st reports that the members of the inner circle of power in China are grossing large sums of money through corruption and then investing it overseas (mainly in the British Virgin Islands [BVI]) to avoid local discovery and taxation.

Rampant corruption is the main problem with communism in large nations, which excludes countries such as Cuba and Vietnam. They’re, in my opinion, are small enough to allow the good guys to keep and eye on everybody and the population seems more loyal to the ideology.

Also, the article has some nifty graphs to take a look at.

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Romney & The Right’s Ideological Strait-Jacket

A good editorial by Fareed Zakaria in the Post on how Romney has avoided specifics in his campaign on issues such as taxes and immigration amnesty because they are such taboo subjects amongst the Republican base.

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Mitt Romney video and the 47 percent: Who doesn’t pay income taxes? – CSMonitor.com

Mitt Romney video and the 47 percent: Who doesn’t pay income taxes? – CSMonitor.com.

A very clear and concise look at the ongoing Romney gaffe.  The wording here is important to keep in mind since it suggests there are people who pay zero taxes.  Not true as summed up in the article:

One last note: paying no income tax is not the same thing as paying no federal taxes. Many zero-liability households still ante up for payroll taxes that fund Medicare and Social Security, among other things. According to an analysis from the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, even the lowest quintile of US income earners pay about 9 percent of their income to Uncle Sam in payroll tax.

“When all federal, state, and local taxes are taken into account, the bottom fifth of households pays about 16 percent of their incomes in taxes, on average,” according to the CBPP.

No Tax Cuts for the Wealthy; Invest in the Middle Class

A great editorial from the NYT that explains how the tax cuts for “small businesses” will not lead to more jobs but rather investing in the middle class, with their increased demand for products, will bolster the small business sector.

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NYT On Obama’s Buffet Rule

A good editorial from the NYT endorsing the Buffet Rule. The only problem, as the editorial states, is that much more needs to be done to strengthen the middle class.

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