Military Suicide Incidents Higher than Combat Deaths

indexThere is an article in The Post that reports that the number of suicide deaths (349) outnumbered their combat deaths (229) in 2012.  Now I make no secret that I am anti-military (though I still feel for the troops) and am anti-war when pertaining to the Iraq and the Afghanistan military actions. And this shows why. These numbers could not be more tragic. As stated in the article, there is an epidemic of depression and PTSD in the U.S. forces and this must be addressed according to issues reported in the article.

These tragic numbers should show the world that we should not so suddenly and recklessly jump into wars.

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Economic Crisis Leads to More European Suicides

Nothing can be more depressing than these statistics from Europe. Suicide rates are rising in European countries among businessmen in the nations hit hardest by the economic crisis, i.e., Ireland, Italy, and Greece. Voracious banks are coming for their homes, or the struggling government refuses to pay what they owe business owners, and new austerity measures leave them stranded in these catastrophic times. A must read.