General Only Reprimanded for Sexual Misconduct

sinclair-statement-videoSixteenByNine600The problem regarding sexual assault in the U.S. military is an issue that needs to be taken full-on. And the slap on the wrist given to Brig. Gen. Jeffrey A. Sinclair today (a military commander who was on trial for the sexual assault of one of his subordinates) shows why.

Now Brig. Gen. Sinclair’s prosecution had a lot of wholes in it, as reported in the following linked report from the NYT. But allowing him to pay a fine and get-off with his pension proves that something is wrong in the Army and the other armed forces.

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Sex Crimes in India and Around the World

INDIA-2-popupThere is no more heinous or vile crime than a sex crime. Rather one engages in incestuous sexual relations with a child, or commits male-on-male rape in a single-sex penitentiary, or participates in the rape of an estimated 15,000 German women during the Soviet occupation of Berlin during the last days of WWII. So here are two articles from the NYT on the issue of sex crimes in India and other countries (including the U.S.) that outline the horrors of sex crimes worldwide in light of the rape of a young Indian woman who was gang-raped, and later died, on a crowded bus.

Article on Indian sex crimes here.

Nicholas Kristof Op-ed here.