Social Protest Lit.: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

indexA quote from Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. Goethe was a German poet and natural philosopher, 1749-1832.

This quote is an excerpt is from Book VI called “Martyrdom.” This chapter pertains to “Messages and records of the heroes of past and present who have sacrificed themselves for the sake of the future.”

All those who oppose intellectual truths merely stir up the fire; the cinders fly about and set fire to that which else they had not touched.



The Right to Health Care-Funded Contraception

26SCOTUS-ss-slide-2SLI-largeHorizontal375A couple of articles in the NYT that cover all of the angles regarding the arguments the Supreme Court is hearing regarding the ACA’s requirement that employer-funded insurance programs cover contraception costs for their employees.

Read a general Q&A piece here.

Read the report on today’s arguments here.


UPDATE: Technicality Stops Texas Abortion Bill

TEXAS-1-articleLargeUPDATE:  The Lt. Governor of Texas, David Dewhurst, stopped the passage of a strict abortion law that was being filibustered by democrats in the state Senate due to a technicality; Republicans upset by Dewhurst’s ruling.

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Texas State Sen. Davis’ Filibuster Fails

97fb9a515d65d115350f6a7067003869To update a prior post regarding Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis’ attempt at a 13 hour filibuster to prevent a bill that would issue tight restrictions against abortion rights, unfortunately she has failed. The Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said she went too far off topic in her rhetoric and stopped the filibuster. Follow the link to find out more details.

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Filibustering for Female Reproductive Rights

Wendy DavisWendy Harris, a Texas State Senator, is attempting a 13 hour filibuster to stall a female reproductive bill that would strictly limit the access to abortions in the state. An article in The Guardian spells out the restrictions that would be enforced if the bill would land on Gov. Rick Perry’s desk for he is expected enact the legislation. And at the The Guardian’s website you can see a live feed of the ongoing filibuster by Sen. Harris in the Texas State House. Let’s all get behind her and keep up with her effort’s status via the web!

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