Gaza Medic Murder Investigation: STL Stands Against Israeli Crimes

As in agreement with our far-leftist brothers, Sparking The Left supports the persecuted Palestinians in their battle against the occupying and murderous state of Israel. The reasons are too many to begin with here, but the below video investigation by the New York Times into a medic’s shooting death at the Gaza/Israeli border, should be a start. We profess our support for the Palestinian people, whether in Gaza, the West Bank, or those living as refugees outside of those borders. Israel is running an apartheid regime and has established a ghetto in the Gaza Strip.

As you watch this story, be aware that it has gone completely uncovered by the mainstream media outside of the Video Investigation Team at the NYT. Why?  For any sense of empathy towards any citizen of Gaza is too far left off the spectrum of acceptable dialogue to be engaged in by most corporate media.

Stand With Us!!!

Sen. Hagel Criticized for Stance on Israel is Challenged in Guardian Op-Ed

indexA good op-ed by Chris McGreal in the Guardian. McGreal explains how Israel is going wrong in its policies regarding the Palestinian people resulting in the Jewish state becoming more dangerous for it’s people. Also discussed is how the American Right has come down on Sen. Chuck Hagel, Obama’s pick for Secretary of Defense, claiming him to have “out of the mainstream” views regarding Israeli policies.

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