Gaza Medic Murder Investigation: STL Stands Against Israeli Crimes

As in agreement with our far-leftist brothers, Sparking The Left supports the persecuted Palestinians in their battle against the occupying and murderous state of Israel. The reasons are too many to begin with here, but the below video investigation by the New York Times into a medic’s shooting death at the Gaza/Israeli border, should be a start. We profess our support for the Palestinian people, whether in Gaza, the West Bank, or those living as refugees outside of those borders. Israel is running an apartheid regime and has established a ghetto in the Gaza Strip.

As you watch this story, be aware that it has gone completely uncovered by the mainstream media outside of the Video Investigation Team at the NYT. Why?  For any sense of empathy towards any citizen of Gaza is too far left off the spectrum of acceptable dialogue to be engaged in by most corporate media.

Stand With Us!!!

Florida Palestinian Teen Beaten by Israeli Forces Vids/Pics

Above is one of the most infuriating video clips I have ever seen, but it is not shocking to me because I know this type of behavior by Israeli forces is commonplace according to reports I have read.


This is the beating of 15-year-old Tarek Khdeir who is a Palestinian student from Florida who was out protesting with other inhabitants of Arab East Jerusalem. They were collectively angry about the burning-to-death of Tarek’s cousin, Muhammad, and this is how they often treat  Palestinian/Arab/Moslem children who use their voice and throw simple stones, even if they are American.




A Third Intifada?

21kidnap1-videoSixteenByNine600-v2Judging by reports, a third intifada could become a reality in Israel/Palestine if something does not break in the search for the three missing Israeli teenagers in the West Bank. Four Palestinians, one of them 15, have already been killed by Israeli troops and 340 have been arrested by their forces in an operation called Brother’s Keeper.

The photos of the Palestinian deceased have been hoisted at mass funerals for they are seen as martyrs in the liberation struggle.

Emotions are being ramped up more and more every day according to this NYT piece.



Presbyterians Vote for Israeli Divestment

SUB-JP-PRESBY-master675Good news people. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted on Friday at its general convention to divest from three companies that it says supply Israel with equipment used in the occupation of Palestinian territory. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), one of a handful of historic mainline Protestant denominations and the church of many American presidents, is the largest yet to endorse divestment at a church-wide convention.

This another victory against the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and the oppression of it’s people by Israeli hardliners and their proponents in Israel and the United States. The B.D.S. (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction) Movement has made significant gains in Europe and the ball is starting to roll here in the U.S.

As usual, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is being accused of being “anti-Semitic.” But in this article in the NYT, Church leaders deflect this argument and by stating that:

“We’re still committed to Israel and its right to exist, but we’re concerned about the occupation and think Israel can do better”…

We must support the B.D.S. Movement by getting the word out and doing our own little part against this violation of international law. Buy the book at the B.D.S. website to become more informed on the nature of the Movement that argues that the Occupation is a form of apartheid and should be fought as such.



“Breaking The Silence” of Occupation

Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian protest against Jewish settlementIn The Guardian yesterday there was a piece on striking testimonies from Israeli soldiers recounting their own violence against the people of occupied Palestine.

The Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence has been collecting these testimonies for it’s ten years of existence and conducted a reading in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square on Friday: the anniversary of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land in 1967.

They are all horror stories that recount the brutal nature of the occupation down to small incidents detailing differing types of atrocities against innocent Palestinian citizens. And it shows that even Israelis, themselves, feel guilt over their little part of the internationally condemned occupation.

Here is just one of the recounted incidents found in the article linked here:

Paratrooper, 2002, Nablus
We took over a central house, set up positions, and one of the sharpshooters identified a man on a roof, two roofs away, I think he was between 50 and 70 metres away, not armed. I looked at the man through the night vision – he wasn’t armed. It was two in the morning. A man without arms, walking on the roof, just walking around. We reported it to the company commander. The company commander said: “Take him down.” [The sharpshooter] fired, took him down. The company commander basically ordered, decided via radio, the death sentence for that man. A man who wasn’t armed.

I saw with my own eyes that the guy wasn’t armed. The report also said: “A man without arms on the roof.” The company commander declared him a lookout, meaning he understood that the guy was no threat to us, and he gave the order to kill him and we shot him. I myself didn’t shoot, my friend shot and killed him. And basically you think, you see in the United States there’s the death penalty, for every death sentence there are like a thousand appeals and convictions, and they take it very seriously, and there are judges and learned people, and there are protests and whatever. And here a 26-year-old guy, my company commander, sentenced an unarmed man to death.



Israel Still Not Giving

26d430f2-6a2c-498f-9670-a4f1d3b4a075-460x276A short report in The Guardian on today’s meeting between Pres. Obama and Israeli PM Netanyahu in Washington.

It correctly reports that the U.S. will not be able to protect Israel from international sanctions if some sort of movement towards peace with the occupied Palestinian peoples is not reached by April.

Read Here.