SAE’s Racist Chant & Colleges As Liberal Re-Education Camps

saelettersShort Post:

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity members at the University of Oklahoma, after being taped performing a racist chant on a bus that was headed for a formal event, has had two members expelled from the University, 25 students disciplined, and the chapter has been closed on campus.

Now, conservatives say that universities are bastions of liberalism. Really? If so, how can something so intolerant happen at any one of these institutions.

The Left is the side of acceptance and understanding, not hate-speech. But that’s beside the point because colleges are not used to produce liberal voters, en masse.

The real point is that if these beliefs and actions still happen with young, educated people, it is still out there more than we think and may be for a long time. I was hoping, though not believing, that the election of Barack Obama would be the beginning of a post-racial America with at least my generation. But now I see that we have failed as a nation. Do we now have to wait another 50 years for bigots like the ones at SAE to gradually accept equality or die out? Why are we still seeing this in our universities?

But before the SAE chant gets ready to fade in our memory, I wanted you to hear/watch it one more time.




Feds Won’t Do It, States Will

felipe calderonThe federal government has shown that they have no qualms about collecting and tracking tons of electronic/internet information on American citizens here and abroad. So in this article in the NYT the paper reports that up to 10 states’ legislatures (from OK to CA) are passing laws that protect user privacy.

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