New Iranian Leader May Be Game-Changer

jp-iran-articleLargeA good profile in the NYT about Hassan Rouhani, the newly elected leader of Iran, and how his past and present may lead us to believe that he may put his country on a more progressive trajectory.

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New Cleric Fav Predicted to Win Iranian Presidential Election

JP-IRAN-articleLargeA presidential candidate is emerging in Iran that is even more conservative than Ahmadenijad. This article in the NYT reports how Saeed Jalili, with his expressed views very similar to those of head cleric Khamenei, is predicted to obtain 30% of the vote which would lead to a run-off election for president their. What does this mean for the possibility of future talks regarding Tehran’s nuclear ambitions should Jalili wins? And what does this mean for a possible democratic revolution that the Iranian people seemed to be on the verge of following the last presidential election which seemed to be fixed?

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Drone Attacks Receive Analysis Today in NYT

JP-DRONES-articleLargeA good article in the NYT on various things regarding the drone strike policy. Pres. Obama plans to lay out new architecture of usage in speech today, drone strikes have decreased from 2010 on, and quotes from high-ranking critics are also included in the piece. Must read.

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NY Times Columnist Calls for Israeli Boycott

Though not a call for enough action, a Jewish (just so we can get around the whole “anti-Semitic” accusations), New York Times columnist calls for a boycott of products from the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

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