Accountability and the Pursuit of Truth in Modern Media

Katrina vanden Heuvel writes a great editorial in the Washington Post regarding the downfall of mainstream newspapers in the digital age and how accountability journalism and the pursuit of truth is so important to the media’s health.

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Cameron Braces for Testimony in News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal

David Cameron, U.K. prime minister, is bracing for testimony from the now defunct News of the World editors that will reveal the indicated tight relationship between the P.M. and News Corp. publications.

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Murdoch Questioning This Week Has Murdoch and Politicians Worried

A good article from the NYT on how nerve-wracking the questioning of Rupert Murdoch by the U.K. government should fray the nerves of not only Murdoch but the politicians who have curried his favor, too.

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Times of London Sued in News Corp. Hacking Scandal

Mark Lewis, the attorney filing many of the lawsuits against News Corp. subsidiaries during this hacking scandal, is now suing the Times of London for hacking into the e-mail account of a popular blogger in the U.K.

This scandal just gets bigger and bigger. How will it end for News Corp. and Mr. Murdoch’s media empire?

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News Corp/Murdoch Hacking Scandal Will Hit U.S.

A British lawyer by the name of Mark Lewis plans to file 3 lawsuits for 3 clients in America over the phone hacking scandal at the now defunct News of the World.

This thing is so huge (4000 victims of phone hacking) that it had to cross the Atlantic at some point. I would just like an investigation of FOX News and The Wall Street Journal for this culture of corruption at the News of the World and BSkyB may be fostered in these other institutions also.

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James Murdoch Steps Down from BskyB

James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch, is stepping down from BSkyB (a British satellite broadcaster partially owned by the Murdoch family) to protect it from any accusations in phone hacking scandal.

For background information on this story please view the Frontline episode linked here from yesterday’s post.

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