“‘It’s Cold as Hell’: Inside a Brooklyn Jail’s Weeklong Collapse”: Treated Worse Than Animals


Pet owners who would treat their dogs or cats like this would be jailed for animal cruelty.

Tell me, will there be charges?

Potential Jurors in Occupy Activist Trial

Cecily McMillan arrives at courtCecily McMillan on trial in a New York courtroom accused of assaulting a police officer with her arm during an Occupy Wall St. rally. She claims that someone had grabbed her breast from behind causing a reflex motion leading to the supposed assault. She could face seven years in prison.

Not only is this a cockamamie charge against Ms. McMillan, but the potential sentence is far too extreme.

But let’s put that all aside.

What is interesting in a below linked report from The Guardian are the events taking place during the jury selection process. Here New Yorkers are showing some of their true colors regarding Occupy and they’re rightist views of Wall Street in general.

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“Stop-And-Frisk” Ruling May Be In Danger

1031-stop-frisk-scheindlin_full_380The NYC “Stop-and-Frisk” law, which was recently ruled unconstitutional in court, may be in danger due to judge’s foolish actions.

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Stop-And-FrisK: What You Need To Know

stop_friskA good tutorial on all things regarding the federal court stoppage of “stop and frisk” procedures by the NYPD. The article at The Post has some really good graphs and methodology-speak, also. Just skip over the section that offers that the lowering of NYC’s crime rate in recent decades is due to the lowering rate of lead ingestion by City children. It comes right out of left field.

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Twitter Posts Considered Public

All you activists who read this may need to take heed regarding what you say on Twitter. A New York judge ruled that Twitter posts are public speech and can be subpoenaed by prosecutors.

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Occupy Movment Moves to the Sidewalk

In New York’s business center, in Lower Manhattan, Occupy protesters are now camping out on the sidewalks instead of the usual park locations. And according to a judicial ruling, this is perfectly legal.

What a way to confront those of the 1% and their support systems. On their way to work and on their way home they will come face to face with the representatives of the rest of America.

This tactic that has also been adopted in Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington.

This is absolutely brilliant due to its effectiveness in reaching those who perpetuate the financial divide in this country.

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