MeetupLogoIf anyone here is living in the Kentuckiana area (Louisville and the surrounding area), here is something your interested in.

Some friends and I will be meeting at Shelby Park in Old Louisville at 1:30pm, Sunday, for a General Assembly of the new Louisville Socialists​ political group. Come for a great discussion of some new ideas for collective action. You can RSVP at and become a new member. Hope to see you there!

McConnell Tied With Grimes

1399917485000-GrimesMcConnell1-300x194As reported in Louisville’s own Courier-Journal, the latest The NBC News-Marist Poll finds that Senate Minority-Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan-Grimes are statistically tied in the race for the Kentucky Senate seat that McConnell has held for over 30 years.

Also, the February Bluegrass Poll, which was conducted by the C-J and three other news organizations, showed Lundergan-Grimes leading McConnell 46%-42%, which is also a statistical tie.

So it looks like that us Kentuckians just might “Ditch Mitch!” this November and really shake-up Washington.

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