Syrian Refugees Growing Problem in Small Lebanon

geography-of-lebanon0A good op-ed in the NYT by contributor Ninette Kelley, the representative in Lebanon of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, about the growing refugee problem in Lebanon resulting from Syrians fleeing the civil war in their own country.

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Syria Receives Anti-Aircraft Missiles from Russia; Israel Denounces Shipment

31syria2-articleInlineThe NYT reports that the Syrian government has reported to having procured S-300 anti-aircraft missile system from Russia. This has been a hot topic in the Middle East because Israel says the possession of the missile system is a perceived threat for they may end up in Hezbollah’s hands (Hezbollah receives most of their arms by Syria and through Syria by their main backers, Iran). The story further reports that according to a top Israeli official that the weapons are not just for defensive purposes but may be used to fire into Israel. But it’s this authors opinion that the Israelis are more afraid of threats to their free-reign of airspace across Syria and Lebanon than fired missiles into Israeli controlled territory.

Sectarian Violence Among Syrian Revolt

According to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Assad’s government is supporting sectarian violence amidst the revolt.

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