Krauthammer Wrong On Constitution

Gleen_Greenwald-140As usual, another good op-ed by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian. Greenwald argues against a Krauthammer piece in The Post where Krauthammer argues that the American Constitution does not apply to American citizens when they leave the country. But Greenwald cites a 1957 Supreme Court ruling that says that this is not true. He further states that Krauthammer and his neo-con cohorts are just trying to rebuke the points made by Sen. Rand Paul during his one-man filibuster a few days ago.

Obama Foreign Policy Failing?

An interesting op-ed from Krauthammer in The Post illustrating the difficulties being experienced by the Obama administration in the Arab world. He points out how Obama set out to “reset” Bush’s policies in the Mid-East but it allegedly has not hampered ill-opinions of the United States there.

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