“Outrage” On Gaza Crisis and Other Issues by Chomsky

noam_chomsky2-620x412Here at STL we have tried to get away from just posting links to and summaries of interesting articles in favor of insight discussions and leave the link sharing to Twitter. But this new discussion piece by “The most important intellectual of our time,” Noam Chomsky , according to the NYT, over at ZNet is just too important for you to miss. Follow the link below:





israel_pol01I have yet to write about this issue because it seemed so unlikely to occur, but it looks like Palestinian/Israeli preliminary peace talks will begin on Tuesday thanks to a strong effort by Sec. of State John Kerry and the Obama administration. The Obama administration looks as if it wants to pad it’s legacy here, and it may actually succeed a little.

According to this report in The Guardian, Israeli P.M. Netanyahu has agreed to go against his own party leadership and the majority of Israeli citizens and release 104 Palestinian prisoners as a good faith offering before the planned talks.

Now, this is not a return to the 1967 borders or anything that monumental, but it’s a start.

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