Rising Islamic Groups Raise Concern in Syria

I have made no secret here that I fully support the liberation groups in Syria courageously trying to overthrow both pro-Assad forces and Hezbollah. But according to this article in The Guardian, Islamic-fundamentalist groups are on the rise and they cannot be funded by outside groups when they have links to Al-Quaida and other terrorist-affiliated groups.

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The Rise of Hezbollah

hezbollah_flag-1200px-001A good piece in The Atlantic on the history of Hezbollah in Lebanon. It begins with the attacks on international peace-keepers (including the U.S. and French troops) trying to slow civil war violence there and ends with the prosecution of, or lack thereof, leaders who are seen as behind those attacks. Also, it goes in-depth with a discussion regarding those who support and fund the Shiite terrorist group.

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Syria Receives Anti-Aircraft Missiles from Russia; Israel Denounces Shipment

31syria2-articleInlineThe NYT reports that the Syrian government has reported to having procured S-300 anti-aircraft missile system from Russia. This has been a hot topic in the Middle East because Israel says the possession of the missile system is a perceived threat for they may end up in Hezbollah’s hands (Hezbollah receives most of their arms by Syria and through Syria by their main backers, Iran). The story further reports that according to a top Israeli official that the weapons are not just for defensive purposes but may be used to fire into Israel. But it’s this authors opinion that the Israelis are more afraid of threats to their free-reign of airspace across Syria and Lebanon than fired missiles into Israeli controlled territory.