Snowden Back to U.S. Possibly?

AP93282618256This article in The Guardian reports that, in an MSNBC interview, U.S. Atty. Gen. Eric Holder said he would be willing to “engage in conversation” with NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden regarding a return home. But Holder also said granting full-clemency would be “going too far.”

The good thing about this article is it presents both sides of the argument and the channels through which the Government would have had Mr. Snowden go through as a whistle-blower. But on the other hand, Snowden says that he would not have been able to release all the information he found important to divulge by going through those legal channels.

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Greenwald On Submitting to Power

Gleen_Greenwald-140A scathing piece in The Guardian by Glenn Greenwald regarding the relationship between power and the press is penned through the prism of a quote from the reporter for the British Independent newspaper, Chris Blackhurst.

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Guide to U.S. Whistleblowers

snowden-340With Edward Snowden leaking NSA documents to The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald over the last few weeks in an effort to expose secret government domestic spying exercises, the paper’s website has put together a nifty little java presentation of famous U.S. whistleblowers. Entitled “A Guardian guide to U.S. government Whistleblowers”, it’s a short, but sweet, list of prominent U.S. citizens who helped expose the government’s wrongdoings.

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Chomsky On NSA Spying

Noam ChomskyA short article and interview with Noam Chomsky published yesterday in The Guardian.

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Krauthammer Wrong On Constitution

Gleen_Greenwald-140As usual, another good op-ed by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian. Greenwald argues against a Krauthammer piece in The Post where Krauthammer argues that the American Constitution does not apply to American citizens when they leave the country. But Greenwald cites a 1957 Supreme Court ruling that says that this is not true. He further states that Krauthammer and his neo-con cohorts are just trying to rebuke the points made by Sen. Rand Paul during his one-man filibuster a few days ago.

Raising the Minimum Wage: An Issue of Morality

McDonald's workersGood piece in The Guardian by Heidi Moore about how a raise in the minimum wage is both an economic and moral issue.

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