Censoring Free Speech is Wrong

Gleen_Greenwald-140In an earlier post, some time ago, I argued that the curbing of media messages railing against a successful revolution is justified due to the outside influences which may be too strong for that revolution to sustain. I was speaking about, in specifics, the situations in Venezuela and Cuba.

But I was wrong. The freedom of speech should never be quelled due to the fact that the marketplace of ideas is where revolutions should have to stand at their tallest.

This piece by The Guardians Glenn Greenwald really opened my eyes.

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Greenwald On Submitting to Power

Gleen_Greenwald-140A scathing piece in The Guardian by Glenn Greenwald regarding the relationship between power and the press is penned through the prism of a quote from the reporter for the British Independent newspaper, Chris Blackhurst.

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Greenwald On Al Jazeera America

al-jazeera-america-carousel-largeA MUST-READ op-ed from Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian on the upcoming launch of al Jazeera America  (AJAM). He questions whether if AJAM will keep it’s role as a hard-hitting,elite-critical perspective provider, or if  they will just fall in line with the other three cable news stations where there is no room for it ideologically (Fox is on the right; MSNBC is on the left; and CNN is somewhere in the middle).

Also, who knew that both Soledad O’Brien and Ali Velshi will be on AJAM? I didn’t. That may lend the falsely accused “pro-terrorist” and “anti-American” news channel some real clout.

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Guide to U.S. Whistleblowers

snowden-340With Edward Snowden leaking NSA documents to The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald over the last few weeks in an effort to expose secret government domestic spying exercises, the paper’s website has put together a nifty little java presentation of famous U.S. whistleblowers. Entitled “A Guardian guide to U.S. government Whistleblowers”, it’s a short, but sweet, list of prominent U.S. citizens who helped expose the government’s wrongdoings.

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FBI Nominee Comey Involved in Bush-Era Crimes

comeyGlenn Greenwald at The Guardian is on point, as usual, writing about how Pres. Obama’s nominated FBI head James Comey was involved in Bush administration’s NSA eavesdropping and torture rulings. Yet, it seems as if nobody cares.

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Greenwald: “I Don’t Support Terror”

Gleen_Greenwald-140A great op-ed by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian that is a must read. He defends himself and others against accusations that they are terror apologists and how this point of view is just a ridiculous lack logic and a propagandist’s tactics.

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Krauthammer Wrong On Constitution

Gleen_Greenwald-140As usual, another good op-ed by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian. Greenwald argues against a Krauthammer piece in The Post where Krauthammer argues that the American Constitution does not apply to American citizens when they leave the country. But Greenwald cites a 1957 Supreme Court ruling that says that this is not true. He further states that Krauthammer and his neo-con cohorts are just trying to rebuke the points made by Sen. Rand Paul during his one-man filibuster a few days ago.

Greenwald: Press too Friendly with Obama Administration

IMG_0646Glenn Grenwald has another great column in The Guardian illuminating how the press, and mainly MSNBC of late, are way too friendly with the Obama administration and should take a more adversarial role.

This reminds me of Chomsky and Edward Herman’s point in their great book “Manufacturing Consent” that the press relies too heavily on White House “official” information and then swallows it whole because of the source (a longer explanation of this point can be found in Noam Chomsky & Edward Herman’s book  “Manufacturing Consent”). The press needs to investigate stories and reports more thoroughly themselves to find a truth that is not influenced by the American powers that be. But you will certainly never find this at Fox or MSNBC.

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Greenwald On U.S. Lack of Popularity in Mid-East by Numbers

Gleen_Greenwald-140A great piece in The Guardian by Glenn Greenwald (as usual) showing that study after study shows American disapproval in the Muslim world. He uses studies, graphs, and general data to back up his claims and the conclusion is best summed up in his own words:

In sum, if you continually bomb another country and kill their civilians, not only the people of that country but the part of the world that identifies with it will increasingly despise the country doing it. That’s the ultimate irony, the most warped paradox, of US discourse on these issues: the very policies that Americans constantly justify by spouting the Terrorism slogan are exactly what causes anti-American hatred and anti-American Terrorism in the first place. The most basic understanding of human nature renders that self-evident, but this polling data indisputably confirms it.

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Greenwald on Presidential Assassinations

Gleen_Greenwald-140A great op-ed by Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian explaining how dangerous and unlawful this ability for Pres. Obama to assassinate U.S. citizens around the world is. This is another great piece of many from Greenwald on leftist concerns. I try to link his works as often as possible.

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