Latest ON Iran-Nukes Talks

11nuclear_cnd-articleInlineJust a report in the NYT on the progress, and lack there of, regarding talks in Geneva between the U.S. and Iran on stopping Iran’s nuclear development in exchange for removing heavy sanctions.

It covers not only the exchanges between America and Iran but also those other countries who want to be fully informed about the talks, such as Israel, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

I know I’ve said this over and over again, but the solution to these problems would be for Israel to give up it’s 250 nuclear weapons and make the Middle East a nuke-free region.

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Israel, Of Course, Against Lifting Iranian Sanctions

03941176As an article in The Post reports, Sec. of State John Kerry meets in Geneva to possibly freeze some of the most severe economic sanctions against Iran in an effort to stop uranium enrichment by the Middle Eastern state.

As the report says, and as usual, Netanyahu of Israel wants nothing to do with talks but rather wants what seems as  military action against Iran despite not coming out at saying it directly.

But listen to what Kerry says:

“Let me just ask you simply: Are we better off not talking to them, and they continue to build the capacity, and then we have an automatic military confrontation?” Kerry said. “Or are we better off having a freeze where they are today and take the program backward so that you expand the amount of time before they could break out? Which way is safer? It’s very clear to me how you’re safer.”