Lite Sanctions for Russia

18ukraine5-master675Lite sanctions by Obama and the E.U.are all that have been waged against the Kremlin’s upper-crust probably because of close trade ties between Russia and the rest of the Continent.

I do not have any answers for the problem, either, without starting WWIII.

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The Post ‘s Take On EU Austerity

Flag of European UnionThis time it’s The Post’s front-page story on the E.U.’s debate over rather austerity should be maintained to cure economic ills, or should it be more spending.

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Too Much Austerity in E.U.

Flag of European UnionA good feature in the NYT reports that all of the austerity measures undertaken by the European Union are starting to backfire in the face of pro-cuts politicians. The people are now too unhappy with all of the “fiscal consolidation” and elections are soon coming up for some important leaders, like Germany’s Angela Merkel. So now it looks like these important nations will be turning to stimulation, rather than consolidation, too fight high employment and general economic stagnation.

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