Americans Should be Envious: “Why Infants May Be More Likely to Die in America Than Cuba”

A great op-Ed by Nick Kristoff at the NYT explaining how, though lacking in first rate medical technology, the infant mortality rates are actually lower in Cuba. We could take away many good practices from the Socialist, island nation so close to our shores.

Slaves for Fashion “Prison-Made Brand Carcel Reimagines Fashion From The Inside Out”

Brand CEO Veronica D’Souza on creating a ‘different ecosystem’ in fashion and the launch of a new Thai silk collection made in a maximum-security prison
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What are so-called “fair wages”? Is there any choice not to produce clothing for the rich?

Prison work is slavery. It is not dignifying.

“AP Explains: Venezuela’s humanitarian aid standoff”: Where’s the sanctions part?

From the AP:

The suffering of the Venezuelan people is heartbreaking. But:

A) This is not a result of a failing socialist system but rather an economic strangling committed by the U.S. and the International community, who are in our pocket, through strong sanctions, and,

B) If Maduro lets in the U.S. aid, it would be seen as a gift from Guaido which would strengthen him immensely. And Guaido would be a U.S. puppet.

The only thing that should solve this is the delivery of aid by Russia or China. Where are they at?

Raising The Minimum Wage: Job Killer or Fair Pay?

SOTU_bugA good piece in The Atlantic on whether if the minimum wage was increased to $9.00 an hour, as Pres. Obama has proposed, will it kill jobs or provide some relief to the those on the lowest rung of the latter? They pose this question to 5 respected professors and they each comeback with interesting findings.

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Krugman on New GOP Rhetoric

Krugman_New-articleInlineA good op-ed in the NYT regarding how the rhetoric of the GOP might be changing to appeal to more voters in the wake of their recent defeat in November, but it’s not indicative of an honest change. According to Krugman, they’re just not saying they are the party of the “Makers,” and not the majority of “Takers,” in public any longer.

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Exit Visas for Cubans

A good piece in the Christian Science Monitor (also with good links) on how Cuba is opening it’s borders to it’s own people. This is seen as a great accomplishment for political reformers, but will this result in a Cuban brain-drain?

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Rich Don’t Even Believe in Upward Mobility Anymore

A good piece in The Guardian by Naomi Wolf professing that, with the release of the secret tapes of Mitt Romney discussing the “47 percent,” not even conservatives believe one can find success in America any longer if being born with the wrong socioeconomic status. The Horatio Alger-story like, “pulling oneself up by your own bootstraps” days are long gone.

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GOP Opinion of Workers by Krugman

A good op-ed by Paul Krugman in the NYT regarding how the Republicans have “disdain” for the ordinary worker while favoring the 1%  or “job creators.”

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Economically Hurting 20-Somethings Lost in Political Arena

A good article in the NYT about unemployed and under-employed 20-somethings. They are not voting, due to mostly disillusionment and apathy, but are a powerful demographic that may be tapped into w/the right message.

According to this article a successful message needs to concern the poor and their daily struggles, or ones that have always mobilized the radical left.

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The Myth of Voter Fraud & Those Taking Advantage of the Lies

A great article in the NYT on True the Vote, a national group focused on voter fraud, and their actions in many minority voting districts in swing states. It also covers how True the Vote and similar groups have no proof of the massive voter fraud they claim is rampant across the nation. They are just their to prevent and intimidate the minority vote.

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