NYT: Families Hurt by Unstable Work Hours for Mothers

Short post today: Here’s a great article from the NYT’s The Upshot series from Oct. 16th that further shows how work is violence for the American family. It gives some great research links supporting the fact that unpredictable work hours for female minorities is having a largely negative affect on working mothers and their children; especially for single mothers. Please read and leave some comments for discussion!

Chinese Forced Abortions, Sterilizations and Infanticide

Yu Qiuyan (R) holds her newborn baby girThough officially banned by the Central Government, forced abortions, sterilizations, and infanticide still occur in China. Yet still, mid-level officials have been put in impossible situations regarding the one-child policy there leading to the continuation of these practices. But as the Washington Post reports, the move towards a two-child policy may put a stop to these archaic and barbaric acts.

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