Social Protest Lit.: Carlos Marighella, Brazilian Guerrilla Fight

indexA short excerpt from the “Minimanual of the Urban Guerilla” by Brazilian guerrilla fighter Carlos Marighella, died 1950. This piece is an excerpt is from Book V called “Revolt.” This chapter pertains to “The struggle to abolish injustice; the battle cries of the new army which is gathering for the deliverance of humanity.”

It is necessary to turn crisis into armed crisis by performing violent actions that will force those in power to transform the military situation into a political situation. That will alienate the masses, who, from then on, will revolt against the army and the police and blame them for this state of thing.

’16 GOP Hopefuls Sucking Adelson’s Teat, Torture Never Worked, Wormhole Travel!?, and Other Tidbits for the Day

GOP Presidential Candidates Puckering Their Lips for Adelson

The GOP hopefuls for the 2016 presidential slot are headed to Las Vegas this week in order to try to get as much of mega-donor Sheldon Adelson’s money…excuse me, I meant “speech” (since that what money equals to the Supreme Court), as they can for a possible run.  Strange, though.  I know some GOP voters and I don’t recall the candidates being as interested in their speech as they are Adelson’s “speech”.  I wonder why…

Put a dark cloak on Sheldon Adelson and all Star Wars fans will know who this really is.

He donated more than $90 million to political candidates and super PACs in the last election cycle. His total donations may never be quantified publicly because various politically active groups that operate as nonprofit organizations don’t have to report the sources of their funds.

Remind me again why money is considered speech and why this isn’t an obvious corruption of the idea of democracy?

Brazil’s Internet Neutrality

Many may not be familiar with the idea of Internet neutrality but it is far more important than most think.  Brazil’s government is taking action to make sure access remains equal to all and the potential for inequality is highlighted in the article:

“Without neutrality, the Internet looks more like cable TV, where providers can offer different service packages,” Brazilian law professor Ronaldo Lemo told TechCrunch. “Basic service would include email and the social networks. ‘Premium’ would let you watch videos and listen to music. ‘Super Premium’ would let you download. Today that sounds like an aberration, but without Net neutrality, it’s a possibility.”

Still No Evidence Torture Worked

People are allowed their personal opinions about whether the U.S. was justified in torturing terrorism suspects for information (we weren’t) and how moral that is (it’s not) but there is still one fact that has yet to be proven wrong: it never actually worked in fighting terrorism and, in all likelihood, inspired more terrorism against American targets.

The CIA misled the Justice Department. They told the OLC that it was only after subjecting Zain Abidin Mohammed Husain Abu Zubaydah to “enhanced” techniques that he “identified KSM [Khalid Sheikh Mohammed] as the mastermind of the September 11 attacks” and provided information that led to the detention of José Padilla in May 2003. As detailed in the task force’s report, this chronology is false. Abu Zubaydah identified Mohammed as the Sept. 11 mastermind during FBI interrogation long before the CIA was authorized to torture him in late 2002 — and Padilla was actually detained in May 2002, before the CIA tortured Abu Zubaydah. Public record evidence also contradicts the CIA’s claim that its “enhanced” interrogation of Mohammed and several other detainees led to the discovery of a plot to fly hijacked airliners into a skyscraper in Los Angeles and the capture of a 17-member terrorist cell tasked with carrying out the attack.

“Too-Big-to-Fail” Bank’s Advantage Over Smaller Competition

You know how smaller government capitalists like to rave about alleged competition in the market being the key to any and all economic success?  They probably aren’t saying much about this:

The series of research papers, published on Tuesday by the U.S. central bank’s influential New York branch, suggests the biggest banks benefited even after the financial crisis from lower funding and operating costs compared with smaller ones...While the study did not pinpoint the reason big banks can borrow more cheaply, Wall Street critics say it is because investors believe the U.S. government would again rescue them in a panic...Fed economists estimated the funding advantage for the five largest banks over smaller peers to be about 0.31 percent, which they said was statistically significant.

In short, the big banks can still take bigger risks because they are confident taxpayers will save them.  Taxpayers will have to save them because they have no choice and the alternative is far worse.  This is simply another form of the upper echelon being propped up by government at the expense of both smaller competitors and taxpayers.

Travel Through Wormholes

An interesting science article from the BBC appeared on the possibility of traveling through wormholes in space.  Fascinating stuff but it might be just a little difficult for now:

As a very rough approximation, you would need the energy the sun produces over 100 million years to make a wormhole about the size of a grapefruit.

Worthwhile for the imagination, I suppose.  Maybe someone can figure out how to shrink us down to smaller than grapefruits to solve part of the problem.  Where’s Rick Moranis when we need him?

Snowden: NSA Documents for Brazilian Asylum

snowden-340An article in The Post reports that the NSA document-leaker Edward Snowden has offered the Brazilian government access to his collection of secret documents in return for asylum.

Brazil has been the most vocal critic of NSA collection of their electronic communications for the most part.

But this, in my opinion, is beginning to smack of espionage by Snowden when he is just offering his collected materials to various other governments for asylum. His idealism is turning into pragmatism.

What’s your opinion?

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Marxist Guerrillas in Paraguay Are A Throwback

14paraguay-graphic-articleInlineReminding me of the Castros and Guevara during the late 1950’s in Cuba, the Paraguayan People’s Army is a Marxist group in the jungles of Paraguay using guerrilla tactics to attack government officials in an outpost region.

The reason I’m recommending this article is twofold: First, the time for Marxist guerrilla groups has long past. There is no Soviet Union or powerful enough Communist Latin American nation to help Paraguay embark on a new radical left-wing agenda. They need to integrate themselves into the mainstream, republican political system.

Secondly, this article reports on how desperate the people of Paraguay ,an extremely poor nation, shrink the level of inequality in their homeland. The the chosen road of violence by the PPA is a symptom of corrupt officials and foreign ownership of large soybean plantations. The industry needs to be socialized.

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White House Aware of Eavesdropping

nsa072way-6ff6dccc27700cd7f0508fce24bafecbf46865da-s6-c30A smashing article in the L.A. Times reports that sources tell the newspaper that the White House was aware and signed-off on eavesdropping on friendly leaders of the world including Germany, Mexico, and Brazil.

The real scandal here is that the White House has claimed they had no knowledge of these eavesdroppings-on-close- allies policies, but now unnamed officials say that the White House signed off on the collections performed by the NSA.

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A Pic and Thought for the Day

I mean, really, how does it work like this?

Brazil government rolls back transit hike – Americas – Al Jazeera English

Brazil government rolls back transit hike – Americas – Al Jazeera English.

Keep it up, people of Brazil!
Keep it up, people of Brazil!


The people protesting in Brazil won a small victory through their actions but it appears the government nixing the rate hike will not be enough to stop calls for change.  It seems the people and the government have different priorities at the moment relating to the money Brazil is spending in preparation of hosting next year’s World Cup.  From the article:

The target of the protests quickly widened to include corruption and excessive government spending on hosting football tournaments instead of on health, education and other public services.

How strange that people would want the government spending money on areas that would help the country in the long term instead of primping it for a few soccer matches next year?  I suppose they prefer silly things like knowing how to read and being alive longer over the all important World Cup.  Don’t they know how shiny it is?

I’m kidding, of course, as it is great to see these protests carry on and hopefully we will see even more people getting out and showing their priorities to the government.  It would be a powerful sign to the world if Brazilians can push to their government to spend more on social spending instead of using money on soccer stadiums.

Foreign Countries Look at Themselves through U.S. Prism

A very interesting article in the NYT about how other powerful world players (Russia, China, Brazil, Japan, etc.) are perceiving their own political processes through the media’s coverage of the American Presidential Race. Very good.

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