Reliable Sources On O’Reilly’s Lies

Bill-OReilly-finger-pointHave you been keeping up with the “puffing-up” of Bill O’Reilly’s past mainstream reporting finally receiving mainstream news coverage? You know, the stories that are just flat-out lies?

I know I’m late on this but there was a great report on CNN’s Reliable Sources last Sunday (03/08/2015) on these mistruths. It goes through a list of falsified remarks by O’Reilly and features analysis from former Fox News anchor Eric Burns who hosted “Fox News Watch” for about a decade.

Burns describes Fox viewers as “cult-ish” and tells RS that Fox News President Roger Ailes and O’Reilly are interested in ratings above all else. He gives many other Fox insider observations that are also very interesting.

Watch Here Please:



Ailes Biographies and Fox News

A good, even-handed op-ed in the NYT by Bill Keller on Roger Ailes, the three biographies of the man in the works, and Fox News. It’s a good critique of not the actual pundits that are on Fox but on their “fair and balanced” news coverage. Also, it includes a good source of info on the Murdoch phone-hacking scandal and how FOX news has remained above it while not doing any real reporting on the subject.

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