Social Protest Lit.: Leo Tolstoy “Robbers and Governments”

index“Robbers and Governments” from Leo Tolstoy. This piece is an excerpt is from Book V called “Revolt.” This chapter pertains to “The struggle to abolish injustice; the battle cries of the new army which is gathering for the deliverance of humanity.”

The robber generally plundered the rich, the governments generally plunder the poor  and protest those rich who assist in their crimes. The robber doing his work risked his life, while the governments risk nothing, but base their whole activity on lies and deception. The robber did not compel anyone to join his band, the government generally enroll their soldiers by force….The robber did not intentionally vitiate people, but the governments, to accomplish their ends, vitiate whole generations from childhood to manhood with false religions and patriotic instruction.

2 thoughts on “Social Protest Lit.: Leo Tolstoy “Robbers and Governments”

  1. Sadly, the ‘official’ robber, the government has the upper hand at present, as the people and their resistance is weak and disunited due governments’ false propaganda and religiosity and national chauvinism!


    1. kk16085, thanks for your comment. You often add something inspirational to our posts and I do thank you. It’s great someone feels as deeply as we do about such issues.

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