New STL Feature: In-Depth Works

imagesHere at Sparking The Left we are proud to announce that we are unveiling a new feature on the STL blog. We will begin today to publish more in-depth works as a supplement to our usual posts to provide our readers with better analyses in an effort to fan the flames of action.

We begin this new feature for many subjects often necessitate more than a short-length post to cover properly. And according to our statistics, our longer posts gain more attention than our short posts. So we will be filling a need.

In terms of these new works, some will be academic and some will not. Many submissions will only need information provided by sources in the media. But some will need references to the academic literature in an effort to better conceptualize a term or phenomenon. It will vary depending on the topic.

You will be able to find these new works under the tab at the top of the STL blog directly below the “match”-picture next to “”Old Work” entitled “New Works”.

Please be patient with us for these new works will take more time and may not be posted as often as some will desire.

Thank you so much for reading our blog and we thank you for your attention. We are very excited about this new endeavor and we hope you are, too!

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