2 comments on “James Foley and Real Journalists

  1. James Foley was a hero ,a legendary journalist will never be forgotten.The coward who beheaded him will decay very soon,they will kill each other because they hate each other.Barbaric thugs destroying their own religion .

  2. Back in 2012 I posted a blurb on my blog about the then recent killings of reporter, Marie Colvin, and French photographer, Remi Ochlik. You might find it a fitting reply to your comments here.


    On a related note… this last June I posted a rant about Islam in general that sets just one tone of many out there.


    (Sorry.. I don’t usually post replies by referring the reader to my own blog, suggesting a weak attempt to gain readership followers, but your post here seemed to coincide with my own thoughts in the past.)

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