One comment on “Freedom Fighter or Terrorist???

  1. Hmm.. so, would you classify those who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War as freedom fighters.. or yet the more familiar, “rebels”, which was a classification you failed to identify in your post. But let’s not stop there. The Brits called those who fought for American independence as rebels, yet they (the “rebels”) themselves were called “patriots”, although they do fit the definition of “freedom fighters”. No one seems to want to be called a “terrorist” as that suggests violence for the sake of violence just to prove a point. Was the Boston Tea Party an act of terrorism or a demonstration of the will to be independent… a political statement? Depends which side you are on. If I owned all that tea and was making a claim for the loss with my insurance company I’d likely say “those damned colonial terrorists did it.” rather than saying, “a group of freedom-loving colonists with legitimate political gripes against British rule did it.”
    Religious extremists, jihadists, renegades, mavericks, the politically disenfranchised, democrats, republicans, socialists, fascists, communists…….

    In the end, does it really matter what label they use? Apparently to the one’s using that label… but to no one else. Where’s a good AK-47 around when you need one.

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