One comment on “Need To Organize at Work More Now Than Ever!

  1. Generally speaking, the labor movement and the unionization of the early part of the 1900’s did improve the quality of life for workers and the general public. It also was significant in the creation of a strong working middle class, the economic foundation for free market. Over the generations new laws have been enacted to govern conduct in the workplace, new safety guidelines, OSHA, and employers themselves have realized over time that introducing medical and other benefits helps to retain and encourage company loyalty. Unions have reached a point of diminishing returns; they served a purpose but now that purpose is not as prevalent. The secret to fighting unionization in this day and age is very simple… if your workers are treated with respect and their jobs continue to meet their basic survival needs in respect to other workers then a union makes no sense. Unions flourish in environments where employees are not seen as assets but rather necessary evils. Read again exactly what the PEW research question results are indicating. Just because there’s a general trend for the public to accept them (unions) in their current capacities it doesn’t mean it’s open season on them taking over the workplace. That’s up to the employers.

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