Palestine Borders and Demographics Prove to be A Ghetto

Thanks to a good idea given to me by my partner here at STL, I started to research and analyze some geographic information regarding the Jewish land-grab in Palestine. I then followed by studying some demographic info on the Gaza Strip and drew some interesting conclusions. Here’s what I found:

First, some great maps over at Wikipedia with adjoining historical context info and links portraying the boundaries of Palestine/Israel since the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement (The linked information could have you reading for days it’s so interesting).

Evolution of Mandate Palestine and modern Palestinian Territories


1916-22 Proposals: Three proposals for the post World War I administration of Palestine. The red line is the “International Administration” proposed in the 1916 Sykes–Picot Agreement, the dashed blue line is the 1919 Zionist Organization proposal at the Paris Peace Conference, and the thin blue line refers to the final borders of the 1923-48 Mandatory Palestine.
Jewish_Land_Ownership_in_Mandatory_Palestine,_1947.svg1947 (Actual): Mandatory Palestine, showing Jewish-owned regions in Palestine as of 1947 in blue, constituting 6% of the total land area, of which more than half was held by the JNF and PICA. The Jewish population had increased from 83,790 in 1922 to 608,000 in 1946.


United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine_map.svg1947 (Proposal): Proposal per the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine (UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (II), 1947), prior to the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. The proposal included a Corpus Separatum for Jerusalem, extraterritorial crossroads between the non-contiguous areas, and Jaffa as an Arab exclave.

Palestinian_Territories,_1948-67.svg1948-67 (Actual): The Jordanian occupied West Bank and Egyptian-occupied Gaza Strip (note the dotted lines between the territories and Jordan / Egypt), after the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, showing 1949 armistice lines.

Palestinian_National_Authority_within_Israel,_2013.svg1993-Current: Extant region administered by the Palestinian National Authority (under Oslo 2).


Second, I found some telling demographic information from the CIA World Factbook regarding the Gaza Strip that I found profoundly important:

  1. The area of the Gaza Strip is only 360 sq. km., which is only twice the size of Washington D.C., yet, the population of the nation’s capital is only 632,323, while Gaza’s population is 1,816,379.
  2. Gaza has a 22.5% unemployment rate with 38% of its people living below the poverty line.
  3. Gaza is under siege by air, land, and sea. The World Factbook even includes in the information regarding Gaza’s maritime activities, that, “[E]ffective 3 January 2009 the Gaza maritime area is closed to all maritime traffic and is under blockade imposed by Israeli Navy until further notice.”

So what should we say is going on here is that the Israelis are trapping the prisoners of the Gaza Strip into, and I use this term in light of how controversial it is, a Ghetto. I am not contending that the Jews are consciously doing what the Nazis did to them. Far from it. I just believe that they need to look into their own tragic past and hopefully derive some empathy for the people they have been bombing now for two weeks now.




effective 3 January 2009 the Gaza maritime area is closed to all maritime traffic and is under blockade imposed by Israeli Navy until further notice




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