Florida Palestinian Teen Beaten by Israeli Forces Vids/Pics

Above is one of the most infuriating video clips I have ever seen, but it is not shocking to me because I know this type of behavior by Israeli forces is commonplace according to reports I have read.


This is the beating of 15-year-old Tarek Khdeir who is a Palestinian student from Florida who was out protesting with other inhabitants of Arab East Jerusalem. They were collectively angry about the burning-to-death of Tarek’s cousin, Muhammad, and this is how they often treat  Palestinian/Arab/Moslem children who use their voice and throw simple stones, even if they are American.




One thought on “Florida Palestinian Teen Beaten by Israeli Forces Vids/Pics

  1. Post disintegration of USSR, world has seen more violence, human right degenerations and miseries. I am not for rise of another Imperialist powers like Russia, China or even EU to counter USA but for a reasonable world where not only people get the basic subsidies but live with honour.


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