leadThere’s a great piece in The Atlantic from yesterday entitled “The Rise of The DIY Abortion in Texas” that everyone should read.

The article by Erica Hellerstein reports that there is a medication for ulcers called misoprostol being used to induce early-term abortions providing the appearance of a natural miscarriage. The pill is available over the counter in many Latin American pharmacies, including Mexico, and is now being smuggled into Texas where abortion clinics are becoming fewer and fewer due to restrictive State legislation. 

The Hellerstein story goes in-depth surrounding the black market for misoprostol and every other aspect of the issue. She reports on abortion attempts in unhygienic conditions with coat hangers and punctured uteri being the only reality that many women have. Remember that pre-Roe v. Wade, rich women were able to pay to have illegal abortions in doctors’ offices with sterile conditions while the poor were reduced to back-alleys. The World Health Organization reports that 21.6 million women experience an unsafe abortion worldwide each year, and 47 000 women die from complications of unsafe abortion each year.

What I came away with after reading the story is that no legislation will be able to combat the need for women to terminate there unwanted pregnancies. Nor will it’s attempts be curbed. More and more women, including many mothers, will die as a result of this type of legislation.

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