Pay Your Taxes, Corporations!

apple_presentation-620x412I know that the title to this post sounds rather simplistic and goofy, if you will, but that’s what we need to say through our legislative bodies multinational corporations.

Other than human rights abuses, hardly anything gets to me more than the evasion of taxation by  huge corporations, and this problem is only getting bigger.

I found this great article at by Dave Johnson from Alternet listing five familiar corporations (Apple, Pfizer Inc., General Electric, Verizon, and Caterpillar) who are using tax laws to defer paying their taxes. They are moving operations overseas to claim that they do not have to pay our taxes here since they are making foreign profits all the while using this money, through certain loopholes, to enrich top officers and stockholders.

The piece by Johnson also explains that many of the same companies were given a “tax holiday” in 2004 with which they promised to use the funds to “create jobs.” But this was the effect:


As the article argues, when Conservatives speak on and on about cutting this program and that, which are essential to American citizens and families, we could be taking in a lot more revenue through fair tax laws. You must read this article and start advocating for new laws which would prove better for the nation as a whole.

Read Here.



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