Pushing Against The Surveillance Innocent Muslims

603d16f3-7843-41ce-b8a7-23208b42aa59-460x276The NYPD announced yesterday that it was closing it’s “Demographic Unit.”

If you don’t know about this task force, it was first reported by the AP in 2011 that a special NYPD unit was conducting surveillance of normal Muslims, recording where they worshiped, where they ate, what they talked about at the cafe, etc., in an effort to thwart further terror attacks following 9/11.

This was a ridiculously overblown reaction by the NYPD, post-9/11, and is a violation of civil rights.

So now, according to this report in The Guardian, groups are trying to make sure that other NYPD units are not going to pick up where the Demographics Unit left off.

Read Here.



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