Wall Street Success Not Trickling Down to Main Street

Wall-StreetThe 2013 end of the year totals for Wall Street recorded the best returns since 1995,one of the glorious economic Clinton years.

The Dow Jones led with gains of 26.5 percent with the S&P 500 gaining 29.6 percent.

But the problem here is with the rah-rah that occurs when any milestone is reached by stock market growth.

Every day, from CNN to your local 6:00pm news both gleefully report when the stock market has “gained” that day.

But what about the slow growth of Main Street in the light of all this growth? Why are the rich only getting richer while the rest are still struggling to pay the bills, worrying over their kitchen table at night?

So what we need to do is stop equating Wall St. growth with growth that benefits everyone. Stop the cheering for the latest bench marks reached everyday, week, or month for this does not guarantee improvement in your life.

Remember, the gatekeepers in society are the media, and most mainstream media personnel are invested in the stock market for they are fairly well off, if you can put it so mildly.

When the latest growth of a company results in so many points gained that day, it could be very well that the number was reached by announcing immense layoffs, economically destroying middle class/lower middle class families who have no investment in Wall St. ups and downs.




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