Food Stamp Cut Will Be “Catastrophic”

Carmen Centeno NYCPA MUST-READ article in The Guardian on how the expiration of a 2009 stimulus package, which increased SNAP payments (Food Stamps) for millions of disadvantaged Americans, is about to have a “close to catastrophic” affect on the Nation’s poor.

Now the Right-wing population of this country believe that a bunch of “Welfare Queens” (a mythical creature no one can find in their indigenous ghettos) and slackers, who sit at home all day doing drugs, get a free ride with SNAP. They think that recipients should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and get a job.

But the fact is that the vast majority of SNAP benefits go two three classes of people: the elderly, the disabled, and the working poor. And those who will be most affected will be the children of said peoples.

What is at hand here is the conservatives want to use hungry children as “poking sticks” to get people to find some illusory good jobs. This sounds just like 19th century liberalism, which could not be more cruel. Ask a socially democratic Europe!

But in an effort to provide full disclosure, I have friends, coworkers, and family who receive SNAP benefits. So the effects of these cuts may be written on the face of the children that populate my social world.

I just can’t have this and remain quiet.

Thank You and Read Here.



2 thoughts on “Food Stamp Cut Will Be “Catastrophic”

  1. First off, you Liberals proclaim that the economy has never been stronger. That inflation is low, jobs are roaring back and hero Obama saved us from a depression. If that is true, how do you justify the continuation of an emergency hike in food stamps back in 2009?

    Further, most people who compalin about food stamps don’t live in million dollar homes, drive new cars, or make tons of money. We are working class people who have to buy our own food. While you bemoan about a 5% cut in food stamps, we have to face buying food that is going up 5% every month due to Obama’s money printing. We resent that when we are in line checking out with our chicken thighs that are on sale for 65 cents a pound, knowing that will be dinner for the whole week, you have a basket full of ready made tv dinners, chips, cookies and steak. You can bet I am angry. And many of the people complaining about food stamps don’t have as many kids as you do, because they were responsible and used birth control, knowing they can’t afford kids.

    I don’t care one bit about the children you say are starving. I have seen these kids at Walmart. They are fat and need a diet other than the junk food that is allowed with SNAP. Their parents need to stop exploiting them for free food, rent and earned income credits. And if you are so worried about a 5% cut, then step up and feed these kids. You won’t. Instead, you steal the food from my kids using government force. Disgusting!


  2. 1) I do not make any claims regarding a currently strong economy under Obama. The economy is still weak (except on Wall Street) and that is why we need the 2009 Stimulus’ SNAP program’s hike.

    2) Maybe a percentage of SNAP recipients have made mistakes in life, but that should not justify using hunger as punishment.


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