8 comments on “Issa and Fox News Continuing to Embarrass Themselves Over IRS Targeting

  1. There is a significant difference in the charge that Mr. Wilkins may have known of different treatment being accorded Tea Party applications and this NEW TESTIMONY from 2 IRS workers that he directed them to single out Tea Party groups. Your attempt (like others who are “covering” this on the left) are either politically biased attempts to gloss over this distinction or under-informed.

    • Wilkins did not direct them to single Tea Party groups. That was never stated in the testimony, neither employee stated that, and the timeline of events proves that is not true. The targeting started in February/March of 2010 according to the TIGTA report. Hull did not received the two cases he worked on until April 2010 and he did not meet with the Chief Counsel until August of 2011. The timeline shows the targeting started from the bottom of the IRS then worked its way up as higher and higher management learned about it. There is no proof or testimony of anything else at this point.

      • This is from P. Noonan’s column in the WSJ, published 7/19: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324448104578614220949743916.html?mod=djemEditorialPage_h

        “Mr. Hull told House investigators that at some point in the winter of 2010-11, Ms. Lerner’s senior adviser, whose name is withheld in the publicly released partial interview transcript, told him the applications would require further review:
        Q: “Did [the senior adviser to Ms. Lerner] indicate to you whether she agreed with your recommendations?”
        A: “She did not say whether she agreed or not. She said it should go to chief counsel.”
        Q: “The IRS chief counsel?”
        A: “The IRS chief counsel.”
        The IRS chief counsel is named William Wilkins. And again, he is one of only two Obama political appointees in the IRS.”

        To the extent that Noonan’s reference of Hull’s testimony is true it contradicts your timeline and claim that Wilkins was not involved in the targeting.

        It bears more scrutiny and although the right is beating the drums on this, (overly so IMO) I don’t agree that there “embarrassing themselves” either.

      • Yep, I saw that already and two things. First, there isn’t evidence yet that this made it to the Chief Counsel’s office until the meeting in August 2011, just that there was a recommendation and it could have happened. It’s not impossible that it happened then, but there is no indication it did at this time.

        Two, and this is the really important part, you are still ignoring the dates. The winter of 2010-2011 is after February/March 2010 when the targeting started. In other words, zero evidence the Chief Counsel’s office was aware of the targeting until long after it had started which means the one Obama appointee had nothing to do with beginning the idea.

        When there is any hard evidence suggesting otherwise, I’ll listen. Until then, I’m correct according to what we know. It wasn’t political. It was a bad decision at the lower levels of the IRS.

      • Can you post or forward your IRS hearing link?

        I’m watching on YT and your time marks don’t match up w/ the testimony.

  2. I feel much the same way regarding “hard evidence” but they won’t get any if they don’t investigate. The current emphasis is data mining computers of IRS officials like Wilkins, his deputies and two of his attorneys. Hopefully, we’ll know what he knew and when he knew it.

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