Marxist Economics Failing in Properous Vietnam

VIETNAM-articleLargeA good article in the NY Times on growing dissent in Vietnam due to the slowdown of economic growth there in the nation’s economy which grew tremendously during the 1990’s by installing capitalist reforms. But now, even though the economy is expected to grow by 4-5 percent this year, the people are becoming unhappy and expressing it on the internet.

What should be taken away from this article, though, is that fully Marxist economic systems are failing in their last bastions of  existence. Castro recently commented that Communism did not work and then we see problems like these troubles in Vietnam. And although I’m a radical leftist, I do not believe in full-heartily instilling Marxist economic plans in nations because it just doesn’t work. The people remain poor over time and dissent ends up rising because, overall, people want capitalist wealth. But what should remain is the Marxist spirits rather than the rules.

Marx wanted a better world for the working peoples of capitalist nations. That’s what should be taken from his works. Sure, Das Kapital does not set out a form of economic policy that works, but the humanity of it can still exist even in capitalist countries. Look at Europe. Socialist tinted policies such as a “safety net” for unemployed workers during bad economic stretches, free public universities, and free healthcare stretch across most of the developed Western nations. And even Cuba, according the CIA World Fact Book, which is still following Marxist policies has a higher literacy rate and lower infant mortality rate that the United States. They even have better medical research systems whom the U.S. buys cancer treating drugs from.

So Marx can still be alive even if  Marxist economic policies cannot.

Read the article here.

2 thoughts on “Marxist Economics Failing in Properous Vietnam

  1. Something that you have forgotten to mention is the unhappiness that comes about with Capitalism. With Capitalist policies, we see that there is a larger divide in society where have the top 1% that are happy and the bottom 50% which are very unhappy. Marx, was intelligent and so were his policies. They aimed at bringing back equality, happiness and most of all the greater good. We hear that capitalism is more equal but is it really ? I think not.


  2. I agree with you almost totally. Capitalism is a very brutal system. But it just seems that people are more interested in avarice and greed most of the time because they think that they can be as prosperous as a developed and entrenched world power like the United States.


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