2 comments on “NRA and Gun Advocates’ Bizarre and Ignorant Opposition to New UN Arms Trade Treaty

  1. I see a few problems mostly with the language that implies that the treaty will be implemented “consistently” across all parties. Does that mean we have to agree to implement the same measures as countries in Europe even if it violates our constitution?

    Also, I think there is zero chance of republicans or democrats actually supporting this. The U.S. Government is the largest arms dealer in the world. When you take into count that the military and CIA have covert operations that include arming militant forces to overthrow certain governments (i.e., fast and furious, Iran-Contra) (which would be in direct violation of the treaty) I see no way we will actually support this bill.

    Republicans might take the blame, but Democrats (and Obama) will not be able to support and actually this treaty either.

    • Again, the treaty states it does not override domestic gun laws already on the books so there is no possibility of any European laws now becoming American law. The consistently just means the countries will implement the laws contained in the wording of the treaty itself. For instance, if the federal government passes a law, it is expected New York and Arizona will implement the law consistently so we can expect the same policy in both places. The treaty does the same on the country scale and, as it states, does nothing to change domestic gun ownership laws in the U.S.

      As far as covert operations, if they violate the law then people will still be prosecuted. The Iran-Contra scandal would be an example of this since people did serve time when the scandal was exposed (Oliver North, most infamously). And Fast and Furious was, technically and legally speaking, not a direct arming of a another force since the guns were being sold to runners. Not that it was a good policy but it was a different action by comparison to what the treaty covers which is mostly exporting and direct sales. A small technicality but worth noting.

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