Obama Not Capturing Israeli Hearts

IsraelAn article in the NYT reporting that Israelis feel that although Pres. Obama’s actions have been supported by the people of Israel, he has yet to show enough warmth towards them in their opinion. The NYT says it best:

Though Israeli and American leaders of various political stripes insist that security, economic and intelligence cooperation between the two nations has never been closer or stronger, the personal, more emotional element of the relationship has been largely empty over the last four years….So while many Israelis, like people around the world, were inspired by Mr. Obama’s biography and energized by his underdog campaign in 2008, interviews with dozens of people this week suggest that the nation will greet him warily, akin to an estranged relative trying to reconnect. The White House has done everything it can to lower expectations of any major diplomatic initiative or breakthrough, leaving people searching for something much harder to define.

The Israelis want everything, all the time, because they are used to getting it.

Read Here.

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