Boehner’s Op-ed: Propaganda and Fantasy

After reading John Boehner’s op-ed in the Washington Post today, one wonders how much farther he will go with his outlandish rhetoric to continue to sell his bad ideas.  The idea Boehner is trying to push with this article is the president should goad his party into believing the bad ideas of the right on the economy, the same ideas that created the financial mess in the first place.

The first chuckle I got out of the piece was the mention of the “No Budget, No Pay” deal where Congress must pass a budget or else they lose their pay.  This might be devastating to the members of Congress if, of course, it wasn’t practically a requirement to be rich before you got there.  Since the average Congressperson is “worth an average $966,001 each, according to a new analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics“, I’m pretty sure they aren’t too concerned about losing their pay for a while.  The notion this type of legislation will sway Congress into action is ridiculous.  I have a better solution.  Since they’re all rich to begin, how about a new bill that says members of Congress can only make the equivalent of the federal minimum wage based on a 40 hour work week?  I mean, if teachers don’t deserve good pay and benefits because they should want to do the job, shouldn’t the same logic apply to the people in Congress?

Then Boehner makes this laughable statement:

I don’t underestimate the difficulty of this task, especially given that Senate Democrats have no interest in balancing the budget. The president also doesn’t share the goal of a balanced budget, despite frequent talk of a “balanced approach.”

No interest in balancing the budget?  Funny, I seem to remember a certain party laying down and going right along with the president as deficits exploded under the previous administration.  Let’s see, who went along with that in the previous decade when his party was in full control of the government?…Who was it?…Coming to me…Oh, yeah.  John Boehner.  This same statement could have been made during the Bush administration (and probably was, I’m sure) by just changing the word Democrats to Republicans.  The shoe just changes feet it seems.

After all of this, we are then hit with the big delusions of the piece.  Boehner first mentions how the “economy continues to limp along” despite a continually improving unemployment rate and a booming stock market.  These things shouldn’t be happening, according to the right, since the big tax increase was passed in the fiscal cliff deal.  Expect that they are.  Strange how they were wrong on that.  Guess we should believe the other snake oil they sell, right?

I can only assume he means “limping along” for a certain segment of the population.  But which?  Wall Street is hitting record highs so clearly it is not the wealthy.  I suppose his concern is with the lower economic classes of people who are in need of things like entitlements to stay on stable ground financially while the storm passes.  So he must want to shore up those entitlements, correct?  Nope:

Despite enacting $650 billion worth of tax hikes in January, they (Democrats) would rather raise taxes again and tinker around the edges on entitlements — if at all…This is not how we’ll fix Washington’s spending problem. The president knows that. During our debt discussions in 2011, he supported such reforms as raising the Medicare eligibility age and achieving savings in Medicaid. (Emphasis added)

We shouldn’t just “tinker around the edges”?  “Achieving savings in Medicaid”?  A brilliantly worded piece of propaganda that actually means cutting funding from the program and cutting it deeply, not just “tinker”.  If you’ll click on the link in the quote, you’ll see he is actually referring to the “$650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security” that was debated during the fiscal cliff negotiations.  In other words, he is worried about the economy “limping along” for certain portions of the population and he wants to help those people by cutting more funding from the programs they need and do this while the rich are getting richer off of a record high Dow climb.  And more tax hikes on those wealthy folks are out of the question because it will crash the economy just like the fiscal cliff tax hikes didn’t (in reality).  Or did (in fantasyland).  Or didn’t (again, what actually is occurring).

John Boehner apparently wants to help the people toward the bottom using the same old tried and failed right-wing policies and I think the people at the bottom have an answer: please stop your helping ways.

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