Military Industrial Complex on Sequestration: Apocalypse!

517079601-1025A good report in The Post on the hyperbole coming from the military and its industrial cohorts regarding the spending cuts that would be included in what looks like the impending sequestration.

We spend more money on our military more than the rest of the world combined. You cannot believe that this isn’t more than just “the sky is falling” rhetoric by coddled bureaucrats and their associated industries. Our military budget is bloated and though blunt sequestration cuts may not be ideal, I cannot be convinced that we will be any less safe in the U.S. if it the sequester goes through.

One thought on “Military Industrial Complex on Sequestration: Apocalypse!

  1. Curious, though, that politicians will talk about the negative impact on troop pay, rather than discuss reducing spending on weapons systems and equipment. I guess troops make for a more sympathetic political ally than the CEO of Haliburton.


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