Venezuela Wants Improved Relations with Washington

Barack-Obama-greets-Hugo--001A short report in The Guardian stating that the Chavez-led government in Venezuela wants to improve relations with Washington by trading ambassadors once again (Caracas has been without a U.S. ambassador since 2010, and Venezuela followed suit soon after).

The reason why the Chavez administration has had such bad relations with the U.S. is that the Bush regime treated Venezuela like dirt due to Chavez’s leftist policies. Chavez, again and again, in interview after interview, stated that he did not have any trouble with the Clinton administration, but just with Bush-led officials. Chavez has even speculated that they instigated an anti-Chavez coup that was defeated in 2002. So what happened during the last 15 years is that the Chavez government has had to look to other nations to engage with that are not close allies with America, like Iran, Syria, and Cuba, despite the U.S. being Venezuela’s largest oil-buyer. In the meantime, Fox News and other rightist media outlets spewed that Chavez was a grand enemy of the U.S. while he doing somewhat magnanimous things like offering free oil to the state of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He maintains he was against the Bush administration, not the people of America.

So now, thanks to the mainstream media even piling on Chavez over the years, he is perceived as an American foe, and yet he has come out time after time to show his happiness with Obama’s more reasonable foreign policies.

Read Here.

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