Greenwald On U.S. Lack of Popularity in Mid-East by Numbers

Gleen_Greenwald-140A great piece in The Guardian by Glenn Greenwald (as usual) showing that study after study shows American disapproval in the Muslim world. He uses studies, graphs, and general data to back up his claims and the conclusion is best summed up in his own words:

In sum, if you continually bomb another country and kill their civilians, not only the people of that country but the part of the world that identifies with it will increasingly despise the country doing it. That’s the ultimate irony, the most warped paradox, of US discourse on these issues: the very policies that Americans constantly justify by spouting the Terrorism slogan are exactly what causes anti-American hatred and anti-American Terrorism in the first place. The most basic understanding of human nature renders that self-evident, but this polling data indisputably confirms it.

Read Here.

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