NYT Hacked By Chinese Military and Communist Capitalists

imagesIn the early 60’s, Che Guevara made a trip to the USSR to meet with Soviet officials to be celebrated by the Russians as the new face of Communism. Well, at a dinner there the food was served on China plates that Guevara quickly noticed. Now, Guevara was a strict adherent to extreme Communist austerity and even criticized his own wife once for using too much gasoline in their car and recommended she take a bus to the grocery store.

So now Guevara sat at the dinner with these officials and picked up the China plate before him during a quiet moment and said, “I see the bourgeoisie eats well here in Moscow,” and the Soviets at the dinner cringed.

Now this points out a big problem with Communism that is almost present in every case: Lead party members become very rich with their high status while ignoring the Communist treatise’s of economic equality. And this is currently taking place in China and the Chinese want it covered up.

Wen JiabaoYesterday the NYT reported that it’s computer network was infiltrated by the Chinese military in an effort to gain info on those who recently reported that outgoing prime minister Wen Jiabao left office with a fortune of and estimated $2 billion. His office allowed him to obtain many contracts with foreign and domestic companies doing business in China and the Chinese did not want anybody to know that the specter of capitalism is looming larger and larger in China.

So, if Guevara were still alive, he would most certainly say that in China the bourgeoisie eats well also.


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